"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing"
Benjamin Franklin

Planet Corp. is a full-service communications company filled with inspirational creatives, branding and marketing experts, razor-sharp strategists and artful copywriters. Since birth, we are content creators and brain leaders. Founded 28 years ago, Planet Corp. is an international company based in Lebanon and powered by its specialized subsidiary agencies that source from the region’s top talents.

Offering strategic services in a myriad of disciplines, the Planet Corp. team includes experts in mass communication, opinion leadership, branding and positioning, marketing and strategic planning, research, digital strategy, emerging media, life coaching, customer loyalty, and design thinking.



"Cogito, ergo sum.
I think, therefore I am"
René Descartes

New media is not about technology; its about sociology and psychology… No matter how life will change, Content will remain…. the king.
What gets measured gets managed; the world of content needs out of the box management.
In an ever-changing landscape in the language of communication and its effects on business, branding, and marketing, Planet Corp. is a proponent of forward movement. The landscape itself is cluttered with an endless barrage of visual and conceptual noise, yet time and experience have taught us that only truly original ideas, backed by proper research and planning, can cut through the noise and drive sustainable growth.



"Words can change the World"
Founder & CEO Nader Sabbagh

Acting primarily as problem solvers, Planet Corp. consists of cross-cultural domain experts who are passionate about creating a new value for our client’s projects. We excel at the intersection between art and science, creative and commercial.
Bridging the disciplines of design, branding, marketing, journalism, technology, and business modeling, our in-house creatives, designers, and producers are steeped in years of experience in creating all kinds of media solutions… When we see a good move, we look for a better one.


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